Packard Mayfair for sale Mifflintown, PA 17059
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1951 Packard Mayfair Sedan

Packard Mayfair
sidevalve I-8, 327.0 cid
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Jay Trevorrow, 973-886-3020
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1951 Packard for sale | Mayfair Sedan | ironmartonline

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In the prewar years, Packard represented
the height of luxury,
as the company produced some of the most beautiful automobiles ever brought to market.
By the poswar years, some of the Packard novelty wore off.
Ironically, a company that had weathered the Great Depression
selling cars that epitomized style
found itself selling cars that were far more pedestrian
in more prosperous times,
though they still retained
the old Packard quality
and managed to hang on to
some of the Packard mystique.

By the 1950's,
hardtops were coming into fashion.
The 1951Packard Mayfair
was among the later arrivals,
and showed some of the compromises
the Packard company had made
in order to maintain market share.
It was built on a short-wheelbase chassis,
though the company still tried
to sell it as a luxury automobile.
Even at that, by the '50's,
Packard was competing more
with models like Buick, Chrysler, and Mercury
than with its customary competitors
like Cadillac, Imperial, and Lincoln.
In a sense, it marked a decline for Packard as a luxury brand.

This isn't to say that the Packard Mayfair
wasn't still a gorgeous car.
Interiors of the Mayfair
combined nylon, vinyl, and leather,
color keyed to the exterior hues.
And the smoothly integrated styling,
with a pillarless windowline,
avoided the "cobbled" look
of such hastily contrived rivals
as the Hudson Hollywood and DeSoto Sportsman.
While it may not have been a Packard 1607,
it was still attractive in its own right.

The 1951 Packard Mayfair
needs a little TLC, it's true.
It also may not have the same luxurious appointments
as its older siblings.
However, it's still mechanically sound;
it drives and runs well.
With a little time,
and careful attention,
this car will easily reveal itself
for what it is:
a diamond in the rough
that can still turn heads.


This Car is Located in Mifflintown, PA 17059

Please understand I don't own this Packard Mayfair personally
I am a full time broker selling for a customer
My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together
I do my very best to tell you what I know
I encourage and very much support a pre-buy inspection
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