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2003 BMW R1100S Boxercup Edition

BMW R1100S
Special Edition:
Boxercup Edition
98hp 1085cc Boxer
Die Cast Aluminum
Jama Laser Deeptone
Bernardsville, NJ 07924
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Product Description

BMW Motorrad | BMW R1100S | R1100S BMW | ironmartonline.com

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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
was founded in 1917 as an aircraft manufacturer.
The company, better known by its initials (BMW)
was prohibited from building planes
under the conditions of the Armistace
that ended the first World War,
and so began building motorcycles.
Nearly a century later, they're still building motorcycles
under the equally respected BMW Motorrad name
with the same mix of power and luxurious swagger
that's come to define the BMW name.

The BMW R1100S was introduced in 1999,
and would remain in production until 2005.
This is a Boxercup limited edition,
commemorating the Boxer Cup race series.
Its specs are largely those of the 1100S,
but with the addition of improved suspension,
a race replica belly pan and a special paint job.
It's equipped with a 2-cylinder, 98hp 1085cc boxer engine,
Metzeler tires, die cast aluminum wheels,
and a Jama Laser Deeptone exhaust system.

Some more specs for those of you who like that sort of thing:
The R1100S features a power trans,
single disc dry clutch,
constant mesh 6-speed gearbox,
and shaft drive.
It measures 85.82 x 34.64 x 45.66 inches,
with a 31.5" seat height
and 58" wheel base.
It takes high octane gas
(and gets a maximum 54 MPG)
and tops out at 138 miles per hour
(not that you'd ever dream of such a thing,
nudge nudge, wink wink).

Motorcyclenews.com rather liked the R1100S,
proclaiming that "...as a classy, versatile,
and durable all-rounder,
there’s not much that comes close."
They also assert that
"As long as it's been looked after and regularly serviced,
it should be fine, even well over 50,000 miles."
Since the 14 miles showing on the odometer
are truly the only miles this bike has
-- it was delivered directly from Berlin to New Jersey,
with only inspection mileage on it --
that means you've got 49,986 miles or more to go yet.
Probably lots more, since this is a BMW.

This bike combines classic styling
with no-nonsense performance,
all in one very attractive package.
After being cooped up in an office in New Jersey
for most of its life,
it's just begging to be turned loose
on the nearest highway.
Call or email us today to find out more,
or to take it out for a much-needed sprint.
We'll even throw in the replica,
so your little guy
(or your inner little boy)
doesn't feel left out.

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This R1100S is Located in Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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I do my very best to tell you what I know
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