Heavy Equipment Broker

Heavy Equipment Broker

There was a time when that Backhoe Loader machine was precisely what your company needed. Now, your operation has outgrown this heavy equipment and needs to upgrade. But what do you do with this piece of equipment that is in excellent working condition, and would be exactly what another business or any heavy equipment operator could use?
The answer is simple; you work with a heavy equipment broker to market the product, get prospective buyers, and get you top dollars. Here is why working with the top heavy equipment marketing company world wide makes sense.
8 Heavy Equipment Broker proven methods that work

1. You are in Full Control of the Experience with the IronMartOnline Process

Working with our heavy equipment broker is advantageous when you want to sell the item quickly and at the highest price possible. But if you have ever tried selling a car on your own before, you know how complicated the process of advertising and price negotiating could be. Being the top heavy equipment marketing company world wide puts you in the driver’s seat of the experience without all the work.

2. You Maintain Physical Ownership of the Heavy Equipment for Sale until You Receive Payment in Full with Secured Funds

What happens when the buyer wants to make the purchase, but you still have a loan or lien on the vehicle that needs to be paid off? Timing is of the essence. And, as you might imagine, there are plenty of phone calls to make to your lender or lienholder, to the prospective buyer’s lender, and to the purchaser.

IronMartOnline is the heavy equipment broker that lets you keep physical ownership of the machinery until you have the secured funds you need to pay off any loans or liens.

3. You Talk to Serious Buyers and Not Bargain Shoppers

One of the reasons why selling heavy equipment yourself is so time-consuming has to do with the people who want to kick tires. They call you in the middle of the night. Some will email you repeatedly, asking whether the machine is still for sale. Others will low-ball you. Sight unseen, they ask for the lowest price you are willing to take. As the top heavy equipment marketing company world wide, IronMartOnline qualifies buyers. There will be none of the tire kickers; instead, you hear from serious buyers.

Top Heavy Equipment Marketing Company World Wide

4. You Know up Front How Much It Costs to
Sell the Equipment

Many a heavy equipment broker has managed to surprise a machinery owner with hidden fees and unanticipated costs. They might charge you for running multiple ads. Others want to take physical ownership of the machine and then turn around to charge you storage fees. Next, there are transportation fees, inspection costs, and other ways of nickel-and-diming you.

As the top heavy equipment marketing company world wide, we do not have to do this. Rather, you know your cost up front; there are going to be no surprises or hidden fees.
5. You Do Not Have to Sign a Contract That Takes Away Your Rights

Many heavy equipment sellers fear the fine print of a contract. They do not want to give up their rights to the vehicle. Most importantly, they want to be able to change their minds. After all, what happens if you run across a business acquaintance who would like to buy your machine right there on the spot?

Because we are the top heavy equipment marketing company world wide, our team does not have to hold you captive with a lengthy contract. Instead, you can still sell the equipment on your own and owe no commission!

6. You Decide on the Asking Price after Getting the Facts

Setting a sales price is a bit like a stab in the dark. You know what the machine is worth to you. However, are you aware of changes in the marketplace? Do you know how the manufacturer has developed many newer versions of the device since you bought yours?

IronMartOnline is the heavy equipment broker that believes in putting together a complete and exhaustive marketing analysis. From there, it is possible to determine a starting asking price. That said, you agree to the price before the equipment gets listed. If you think it is too high or low, we will adjust it.

7. You Do Not Pay for Ongoing Ads to Keep a Listing “Current”

We already touched on this problem when discussing hidden fees. However, it bears mentioning that some brokers and auction sites will bill you every so often to maintain an active listing on their websites. We do not have to do this.

We are a heavy equipment broker who believes in minimizing sales costs. Therefore, we will never charge you for continued advertising. Instead, your listing remains active until we sell the equipment, or you tell us to remove it. The latter may happen if you sell the machine on your own or decide that you want to keep it.

8. You Do Not Have to Lift a Finger to Advertise the Machine

All marketing is done for you on our multi-channel platform that reaches buyers world-wide. Our website IronMartOnline is Favorited by countless buyers nationwide and beyond. These are professionals and companies that experience frequent needs for equipment.

Besides that, we are the heavy equipment broker with a 12,000-plus email database that consists of vetted commercial contacts. Add to this our connections on MachineryTrader, Machinio, Landcaster Farming Locator, Craigs List, Facebook Market Place, and the Dealer Network Locator. As a result, we connect with a unique clientele that is serious about buying equipment and doing so now.
Do not leave the sale of your heavy equipment to chance. Contact your heavy equipment broker IronMartOnline today!
Freebie: Here is What You Do Not Get

Many equipment owners come to us after having bad experiences with auction houses. They have dealt with reserved auctions that gave them control over the equipment pricing. However, the auction house gave them none of the research they needed to formulate the best asking price that would create immediate interest in the product without incurring a financial loss.

Then, there are consignment equipment dealers. They operate like a dealership but offer to sell your equipment for a fee. You notice that the dealership is busy, which gives you confidence that you came to the right place. However, before long, you realize that the dealer wants to make a significant profit at your expense. Also, there are the extra costs of storing and insuring the machine.

Eventually, you will have had enough of the back and forth. You decide to sell your machinery at an unreserved auction. After all, these events get the highest foot traffic of any auction you have ever seen. Moreover, bidders are aggressive and will outbid one another quickly.

However, you are not able to anticipate the type of consumer base that will attend the auction with your machinery. If you are in luck, these are serious buyers who understand what you have. Conversely, if you are not, you will sell your machine cheaply to someone who is looking for a great deal and will low-ball you.
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