how do i auction my construction equipment
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3 C's Selling Program

3 C's Selling Program:
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Jay Trevorrow

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how do i auction my construction equipment

How Do I Auction My Construction Equipment?

You Don't Here's Why

3 Cs

Do you know the three C's of doing

Well at a construction equipment auction?

And no

The answers are not

Cost, Customer appeal, and Cash.

In fact, trying to leverage them

in an auction for construction equipment

May cost you another commodity:

Your precocious time.

So, How Do I Auction My Construction Equipment?

The answer is simple:


Instead, focus on


When all three components are present,

You cannot help but create a winning scenario



So How does it work?

Very Easy!

1. Control :

Puts you in the transnational driver’s seat.

Giving up control puts you at the mercy of the buyer.

There is nothing to be gained by giving up control.

You and only you determine

When the machine is available for inspectionand

Demonstration. To do so effectively,

you need a way to weed out the folks who are

“Just Looking”

from those with a payment and

An eagerness to make a deal Now.

2. Care: puts your needs above those of buyers.

It prevents you from making a bad deal

On the spur of the moment.

It also keeps you from wasting your time

With a bunch of tire kickers.

3. Custody:

Refers to the physical ownership of the asset.

Your machinery does not leave

Your location until you have
secured payment in full.

The 3 Cs Call for an Expert

Marketing Specialist.

You might now wonder,

“How do I auction my construction equipment

When I am also

Running a company and not using an official auction


After all, this level of marketing calls for a

full-time approach.

Someone has to follow up with

Interested shoppers, determine whether they are

serious about making a deal,

and schedule convenient times for demonstrations.

When you are running a business,

This is not something you can take on

In addition to everything else you do.

Of course, with an expert in the field of

Construction Equipment a marketing and independent sales

By your side,

You do not have to.

You benefit from the

Expertise of specialists who handle the details of the

transactions and ensure complete integrity. In the process,

you avoid the pitfalls of under-pricing equipment,

Waiting for prospective buyers,

and making a really bad deal

at last-minute negotiations.

Do not be deceived.


The individuals you meet at auctions are not the actual

Purchasers. Rather, they are buyers’ agents

Whose job it is

To get your good equipment for the lowest price possible.

Last-minute onsite bids and similar tactics are not unheard of.

But you do not have to fall for them.

How Do I Auction My Construction Equipment

When I Only Have One Item?

Once again,

You do not have to go the auction route.

It would seem that brokerage services

Would be ideally suited for

The Construction company that has a fleet of machines to sell.

In fact, plenty of these clients contact brokers

On a routine basis to

Handle the selling of their machines.

However, you can take

Advantage of the same service

Even if you only have one piece of machinery.

Stop asking,

“How do I auction my construction equipment”


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how do i auction my construction equipment

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3 C's Selling Program : How to Sell Your Construction Equipment

Why auction construction equipment ?

3 C's What? Great alternate to a construction equipment auction 3 C's Selling Program. Start today!


3 C's Selling Program

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