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Reinco 1000 Gallon Hydro Seeder

Madison, NJ 07940
Included in Price:
Flatbed Truck
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Product Description

used for sale Reinco Hydrograssers | Hydroseeders mixing jet system recliamers| 1000 Gallon Water Trucks used

For over 50 years

Reinco has supplied

The landscape construction industry

with high quality erosion control equipment

When you say Reinco

The name simply implies

Efficient and economical

Method of seeding and reclaiming large

Inaccessible areas

Reinco early machines were utilized

To manage the recovery of long stretches

of highway and utility construction projects

The methods used then

Have been scaled down over the years

To offer high impact coverage

Greater returns

to the residential and commercial landscapers

nurseries, golf and athletic field programs

Expanding to municipal, state and national parks

Even forestry and mine reclamation

schools and institutions

installations and a host of others,

All with a cost effective


labor saving alternative

To other installation and maintenance practices

With available options and accessories

Reinco utilize

An exclusive Hydro-Jet mixing system

First introduced over forty years ago

This system's popularity has grown

Due to it's simplified and less complicated design

Jet streams continuously flush over and across the tank bottom

To carry entrained materials to the surface

Then drift downward to produce a homogenous slurry

Exclusive Mulch Grinder and vortex paddle blenders

Maximize charging time

Amendments agitated and remain uniformly mixed

Throughout the discharge cycle

High solid fiber mulch charge capabilities are

realized with the turbulence generated

Through the system

Maintenance requirements are reduced to an absolute minimum

Reinco has always represented

The best in superior performance

Simple and innovative design

Craftsmanship and reliability

The Truck is included in the price

It is simply a site truck

It does run and drive

But not a road worthy truck

I am told

It has a Cat 3208 Motor


Machine is Located in Madison, NJ 07940

Please understand I don't own this Reinco personally

I am a full time broker selling for a customer

My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together

I do my very best to tell you what I know

I encourage and very much support a pre-buy inspection

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