Wheel Loader Weigh Scale Model WP92029A

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Front End Loader Weigh Scales | digital accuracy mobile on board weighing

This Weigh Point
Model WP92029A
Wheel Loader Weigh Scale
For Sale

is something unusual
for us here at

Rather than featuring
a great piece of
used construction equipment

We're happy to
recommend a phenomenally
useful piece of
New Equipment

The WP92029A

installs quickly
and is as easy to

use as it is to install

Simply lift your load

Press the button and weigh.

Weight Checks

with your

Wheel Loader

have never been

easier and accurate

It features an

Auto Sequencer

that controls
weight correction and

accumulates loads

The readout displays

in your unit of choice

pounds kilograms

tons and metric tonnes

The stainless steel construction

and 2x overload
ensure a machine that's

as durable as it is useful

The design is

such that it will fit

most common machines
including loaders by:

John Deere



and many

Backhoe Loaders

Peripherals such as a

data logger and printer
are available for

your Loader Scale

at a small extra cost

Calibration is a matter of

making a ten-minute phone call
And because the

kit is compact

it ships easily


Weigh Point Mobile Scales

are designed and built

2013 Brand New
Works With Most:
Make & Model Wheel Loaders
Displays in:
lbs kg tons tonnes
Stainless Steel Precise 2X Overload
Ships Compact and Easy
Jay Trevorrow
Cell or Text (973) 886-3020
More Details:
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