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Hooklift Trucks For Sale

Western Star Trucks began operations in 1967

as a division of White Trucks

specializing in Class 8 trucks

for such demanding applications as

mining, logging, and oil field work.

Over the years, the company

has increased its product line and market share

by building trucks

that were among the most durable

and reliable in the industry.

They have consistently found ways to reduce

cost, weight and complexity

without sacrificing the quality

on which their name was built.

Because each truck is built

to such exacting specifications,

they make an excellent investment

even if you're going to be the second owner.

This 2007 Western Star 4900FA

is powered by a 450hp Mercedes 12.8L diesel

that includes an engine brake.

The transmission is an Allison 4000 RDS Automatic.

The truck is unique

in that it is equipped with

a heavy duty 20,000lb front axle,

20,000lb lift non steer axle,

and 46,000lb rear spring suspension.

Its hook capacity is 65,000lbs,

and the hook height is 62 inches.

It will accommodate 20-22ft containers.

Among the finishing touches are

aluminum wheels, a chrome sun visor and bumper,

LED lights, and a wood grain interior.

If that makes this 2007 Western Star 4900 FA a good buy,

why don't we sweeten the pot a bit?

The truck also comes with this hook lift flatbed,

measuring 22 feet by 8 feet,

that fits this Western Star like a glove.

Counting the 1 ¾” tie down rails, its width is 99 ½ inches.

It also comes equipped with forklift piggyback brakets,

which is a good thing,

since we're also including a 2007 Princeton PBX Piggyback Forklift

Its single side off-load double reach

makes this the ideal machine for tight spots;

it can offload from the bed

while practically axle-to-axle with the truck.

Among other things,

it has rough terrain three wheel drive,

a 144" clear view mast,

and a 5,000lb lift capacity.

So, let's put it all together:

The truck is worth $119,000.00.

If you've clicked through to view the other items

(which we encourage you to do;

more details on those components

are on those pages),

you'll see that we've listed the forklift for $37,500,

and the flatbed for $5,900.

This package (which doesn't include cans,

only the flatbed)

represents a savings of $14,300.

When you're doing business in times like these,

every penny counts...

and that's saving an awful lot of pennies.

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FORKLIFT still For Sale
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