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Weigh Point Fork Lift Truck Scales | on board portable warehouse freight weighing

The Weigh Point
MWS Fork Lift Weigh System
is the result of a decade's
worth of research and development

It includes tapered pallet forks
that fit standard pallets.
Those forks install in as
little as five minutes

Don't let the ease of installation fool you
this is a fully capable very robust system

Because the scale doesn't have to be
removed when not in use the integrity
of the lift truck is maintained and your
machine stays in warranty

The machine is easy to use
and can be serviced by a
reasonably competent mechanic

In addition to
standard and metric weights
the microprocessor can also
perform piece counting

A security code and break seal
prevent tampering, while the design
ensures that the scale can be operated
for years without recalibration

It can operate across
several environments including;
routine shipping and receiving
harsh production environments

You'll find Weigh Point scales
in several different settings:
scrap metal
materials handling
logistics applications

Each one of them is designed and
built for versatility and durability
This also applies to custom applications

If you're unsure whether a
Weigh Point scale is the
right tool for your next job
we can advise you

For mission critical applications
certified versions are also available

What's more, all Weigh Point Scales
can be purchased or retrofitted
in Intrinsic Safety (IS) versions
that ensure safety
in hazardous applications

Weigh Point started out in 1978
as a designer and builder of
stationary weigh systems

Those weight sensing kits
introduced for tanks and feed hoppers
are still in use three decades later

In the three decades since
the company has grown its product line
to include a series of mobile weigh systems
keeping you and your vital materials moving

In addition to the MWS these
mobile scales are available for:
hand pallet jacks
electric walkies
wheel loaders

The company backs its products

beyond the warranty
from the initial consultation

through to technical assistance

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2013 Brand New
Unbeatabe Precision
Wireless Model Available
Legal For Trade Scale Model Available
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