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Used for sale R-Model Tandem Mack Tractor | R model mack, pete 379, kw900, day cab tractors

~ Mack ~
~ The Greatest Name in Trucks ~

~ Bull Dog Tough ~

~ Performance Counts ~


History Of Mack


The early years of this century were years full of invention
the revolutionary effects of which we're still feeling today

In 1902, Willis Carrier introduced air conditioning

in 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first successful airplane at Kitty Hawk

and in 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T

During this same time

~ John Mack ~

and his brothers were hard at work setting the pace for

an entirely new mode of commercial transportation

In the spirit of these other great pioneers

John Mack had a vision

to produce the most durable and powerful heavy-duty trucks

and engines in the world

The innovative designs and products he created began

a tradition of innovation that has continued to this day.

John Mack had already spent years researching and experimenting

with his own design for a motorized wagon

by the time he and his brothers opened their first bus manufacturing plant in 1900

The work paid off the same year

when the brothers introduced their first successful vehicle

a 40-horsepower, 20-passenger bus

~ The Mack bus ~

built for sightseeing concessionaire Harris and McGuire

operated in Brooklyn's Prospect Park for eight years

before being converted into a truck

The vehicle racked up a million miles of service

the first in a long line of Mack vehicles to do so

The success and acceptance of "Old No. 1"

Initiated a history of truck development unparalleled in the industry

and established a company whose reputation for tough

high-quality products has since become

"part of the language."

Mack used the slogan in advertisements for many years

especially when we produced buses...

"The first Mack was a bus and the first bus was a Mack."

The actual inspiration for building a large commercial motor vehicle truck

is reported to have occurred when Jack Mack

was invited for a ride in a neighbor's new 2-cylinder Winton automobile

The neighbor was Theodore Heilbron

captain of William Randolph Hearst's private yacht

who lived at 33 Third Avenue

a block from the Mack shop on Atlantic Avenue

The ride most likely took place in the fall

when the new 1902 Winton touring car was introduced.

The superior performance of the new Winton

soon had the two automobilists in an enthusiastic mood

And it was not long before their conversation centered

on the future developments of gasoline engines and motor vehicles

Mack Brothers Company is incorporated in New York

with John M., Augustus F., and William C. Mack as the directors.

Mack Philosophy

A Mack® truck is different from the rest

Where Mack competition joins components from various suppliers and calls it a truck

Mack builds the power train as well as the vehicle

That in it self sets them apart unlike any other Truck Manufacture

Building A Relationship

You're not in business to own trucks

You're in business to profit from them

If you have too much truck for the job

it's hard to make money

If you have too little truck

it's even harder to make money

~ The Mack Difference ~



Vehicle Specs

1979 R-Model


Engine is a Mack-300hp

Motor is Rebuilt

Only Has 12,000 Miles on it

Brand New Clutch

Double Frame

5 Spd

3:71 ratio

38,000 Lb Suspension

Vin # R686ST28618

243,457 Miles

This Tractor is a Great Running

Very Much a Road Worthy Truck


This Mack is Located in Rockaway,NJ 07866

Please understand I don't own this Truck personally

I am a full time broker selling for a customer

My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together

I do my very best to tell you what I know

I encourage and very much support a pre-buy inspection

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ITEM SOLD -- 10/08/11
5 Spd
Brand New Motor:
12,000 Ago
Brand New:
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