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Inventor Robert Gardner

devised the first effective speed controls (governors)

for steam engines in 1859.

From these simple beginnings,

the company would expand

by the dawn of the 20th Century

to also offer boiler pumps

that would see use in the drilling

of oil and natural gas wells.

Gardner mud pumps would contribute mightily

to the first Texas oil boom.

Oil companies weren't the only ones

to take advantage of Gardner technology, however.

Early success by the Denver Rock Drill Company

with Gardner Governors

led to a merger of

the two companies in 1927,

creating a powerhouse manufacturer

of portable air compressors,

drills, and other equipment

used by the mining and construction industries.

This Gardner Denver 3500BV

was manufactured between 1985 and 1987.

We're not sure of the year,

but we can attest to the fact

that it's still in excellent working order.

With its 2"-4 1/2" bore diameter

and 50' drill depth,

this drill is suited for

highway construction and maintenance,

mining applications,

and drilling for the placement of dynamite.

It features an open control area

and hydrostatic drive.

Its 8 cylinder four stroke

CAT 3208 diesel engine

provides plenty of power,

and its 15" track shoes

are still in good shape.

As you can see from the photos,

the machine has been lovingly maintained,

from the paint job

to the hoses in pristine condition.

The only way you'd find a better

machine would be to purchase it new.

Since its humble beginnings,

Gardner Denver has gone public,

been acquired, been spun off,

and gone public yet again.

Like their equipment,

it seems that the company

just can't be kept down.

This directional drill is a capable piece

that's served its owner long and well,

an enduring testament to the quality

with which it was built,

and to the Gardner Denver name.

Call today for further information,

or to see this piece for yourself.

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