1978 Piper Lance IFR Certified King Panel

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Piper lance For Sale

The Piper PA32-RT,
better known as the Piper Lance II,
began its service life as
a retractable landing gear counterpart
to the venerable Cherokee Six.
Early Lance models, of which this is one,
retain the Cherokee's characteristic
"Hershey Bar" wings,
but replace the Cherokee's traditional tail
with a T-Tail
that places the stabilizer outside of the prop wash
(compared with the low tail)
which helps the plane's
takeoff and landing characteristics.

Besides the Cherokee,
the Lance continued a tradition
of design innovation and quality
that dated to the company's founding in 1927.
While they faced difficulties in the early years,
Piper eventually found their footing
not only with the civilian market,
but also by producing planes
by the tens of thousands
during World War II.
These planes (the legendary "Cubs")
were used as trainers, spotters,
and even for light ground attack duty,
and earned the affection of their pilots.
Many of these planes
are still in operation today,
a testament to Piper quality.
This Lance may only date to 1978,
but don't be surprised if you
(or your grandkids)
are still piloting it in 2038.

This 1978 Piper Lance II recently had its annual, 
so it's flying with a clean bill of health 
and it's ready for your pre-buy inspection.
In the meantime,
let us clue you in
on what you'll find when you get there:
This plane is IFR certified.
It comes equipped with a IO-540-300,
top-flight King instrumentation
including King KX-155 Nav-Com,
KX170B Nav-Com,
King KMA Audio Panel with markers,
King KN-64 DME,
a King 76-A Transponder with mode-C,
and a King KR-87 ADF.
There's also an Altimatic III Auto Pilot,
a Flight-Com 403 Intercom
with 6 head set connections,
and a Hartzell 3-Blade Prop.
This Lance II is in very good overall condition.
Total airframe time is 8250 hours,
and time SMOH is 827 hours.
Cruising speed is 165 knots
at 14 gallons per hour,
on a 120 gallon fuel tank.

Complete log books and history are available.


This Piper Lance was purchased in 1978
by a company specializing in medical flights,
and was flown for that purpose
under FAA Part 135 FARS until 1990;
all maintenace in this period
was done to Part 135 standards.
In that time, it had only three pilots.
The second owner,
based out of the same airport,
flew the plane between 1990 and 2003.
During that time,
the engine was rebuilt by Lycoming,
and the upgraded
three-blade Hartzell prop was added.
The current owner,
who was looking for a plane
that had been in continuous use
and had been well-maintained,
purchased the plane in 2003;
he was also drawn to the plane's
non-turbocharged engine,
knowing it would be easier
and more economical to maintain.
The plane also comes with
a brand new vacuum backup system
that needs to be installed.
The plane had an extensive annual in October, 2011,
has been flown since,
and is kept in a hangar.


The plane has had no gear-up landings,
but did have one emergency landing
in a cornfield early in its service life
(around 1000 hours), due to fuel issues,
but no damage was suffered
either to the plane or its six occupants.
There was also a minor spar strike
to the left wing during taxi
that necessitated replacement of the left wing spar.

This Piper Lance II
is priced to move.
The owner is willing to consider any reasonable offer,
including cash, even trade,
or trade plus cash
for a RANS S-12 2-place plane.
While he prefers a 4-stroke,
he will consider a 2-stroke.


This Piper Lance is located at at P34 in Mifflintown, PA 17059
Please understand I don't own this Airplane personally
I am a full time broker selling for a customer
My goal is to bring the buyer and seller together
I do my very best to tell you what I know
I encourage and very much support a pre-buy inspection
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Hours SMOH:
165 KTS 14 GPH
3-blade Hartzell
540 IO:
Airframe Total Time:
8,250 hours
P34 - Mifflintown, PA 17059
Jay Trevorrow: 973-886-3020

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