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Jaw crusher for sale Jaw crusher rental

Crusher for sale

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

McCloskey Jaw Crusher II

Buying a McCloskey jaw crusher for sale gives you the unique opportunity to add a durable and top-line piece of machinery to your hardware setup. When your company has outgrown the jaw crusher rental phase and is now able to invest in a crusher for sale, McCloskey is the name that inspires confidence and ensures receipt of a machine that is tough and ready for a broad range of uses.

The typical jaw crusher for sale will be either a model J40, J45, J45R or J50. A quick look at jaw crusher rental listings shows that the J50 is among the most popular models. That said, do not discount the other machines. Depending on your needs, the size of your operation and the budget you have available to you, another McCloskey crusher for sale can be just as advantageous.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

Who Needs a Jaw Crusher for Sale?

What sets apart the jaw crusher from a cone or impact crusher is the use of compression. The jaw consists of one stationary component and one reciprocating part. When you look into jaw crusher rental listings, you find that experts in the trade refer to it as a swing jaw. By moving from side to side, particles are crushed to the consistency required on the jobsite.

An all-steel construction ensures that the jaws do not give out, no matter what type of material the machine works on. The companies interested in a crusher for sale usually include construction and demolition businesses, road building crews as well as mining outfits. Taking the machine underground is not uncommon, which heightens its overall appeal to a broad range of operations.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

Which Model is Right for You?

Finding a jaw crusher for sale opens up the question if the model currently available is right for you.

J40. For example, the McCloskey J40 presents with a 40-inch jaw and a 98.43-inch machine width. The latter makes the machine surprisingly portable. Transporting this crusher for sale requires you to have a trailer capable of hauling a 10-foot and six-inch tall load with a width of eight feet and 2.5 inches. The transport length is 45 feet and 2.6 inches.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

J45. If you ever saw this machine on a jaw crusher rental listing, you know that it is listed as superior for type 1 crushing. Also known as MOT in the trade, this is the machine that road crews think of when they need something for crushing concrete. That said, granite as well as a broad range of rocks and slag is no problems for this jaw crusher either. When you find this kind of jaw crusher for sale, ensure that your transport vehicle can handle a load of about 96,783 pounds with a height of 11 feet and 1.8 inches. The overall transport length will be 47 feet and 5.9 inches.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

J45R. The 45R is very similar to the standard 45 model. The primary difference is the 45-inch by 27-inch jaw with a feeder chute angled more steeply. As you might imagine, the transportation requirement for this machine increases to a length capability of 50 feet and 3.2 inches with a weight qualification of at least 108,027 pounds. What sets apart this jaw crusher rental or crusher for sale listing is the option of producing a final product with one machine rather than feeding the MOT through another machine as well.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

J50. If you have the option of buying a McCloskey J50 jaw crusher for sale, jump on the opportunity! It is fair to say that this crusher for sale is the flagship of the series. The 50-inch jaw width and its 118.11-inch machine width present you with a larger machine that can handle the kinds of loads that lead competitors’ machines to capitulation. Enhancements, most famously the hydro toggle capability, make this one of the more popular jaw crusher rental options. Finding this type of jaw crusher for sale as a used model is rare and therefore an excellent buy. Transport height, width and weight specifications are higher than those of the other McCloskey models.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

Considering the Add-ons

The majority of jaw crusher rental listings as well as ads offering a crusher for sale do mention additional equipment that is optional. Mind you, this equipment is required for the superior operation of the jaw crusher. For sale may be the components that the prior owner needed for a particular task or setting. In your business or for your anticipated needs, you may have additional or different add-on requirements. It is always a good idea to start with a jaw crusher rental experience to gauge your need for additional components.

When a seller lists a crusher for sale, you then know whether the optional add-on is something that you can do without. Examples include heavier flywheels, improved pan feeder chutes or conveyor upgrades. On the other hand, when you have the option of buying a McCloskey J50 jaw crusher for sale, why worry about upgrading a lesser model crusher for sale? If you have not yet worked with the J50 as a jaw crusher rental, consider doing so before buying upgrades for other models. You might find that this machine does everything you need it to do – as a stock model!

Buying Your First Machine

If the crusher for sale is actually a former jaw crusher rental machine, you may be able to rent the unit for a brief period of time to try it out. If this is not an option, discuss your machinery needs with the seller. You will be talking with an expert who understands the variety of available machines and can advise you on the best unit to meet your current – and anticipated future – needs. As we said before, if you do have the opportunity to buy a J50 jaw crusher for sale, you cannot go wrong with opting for this McCloskey model.

Jaw crusher |for sale | Jaw crusher rental | Crusher for sale

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