Samsung SE350LC-2 Hydraulic Excavator

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Talk about unlikely beginnings: Korean company Samsung started out in 1938 as a purveyor of groceries and producer of noodles. These days, they're better known for cellular phones than chap chae, but the company is more than that, too, having diversified into shipbuilding, contracting, finance, clothing and aircraft. Typical of the company's other offerings, its construction equipment combines solid engineering with technological innovation.

This 1996 Samsung SE 350 LC-2 excavator measures 36'x11'x11' (LxWxH). The machine has a maximum cutting height of 37.4' and a maximum loading height of 26.9' in addition to a maximum ground reach of 36.7' and a maximum dig depth of 24.9'. Its operating weight is 77602.7 lbs, so it's a good thing that power is provided by a 247hp Cummins LTA 10-C diesel with 11,687 hours. The undercarriage is in good shape, including the 8.8' gauge tracks and 23.6" shoes. Probably a bit much for noodles or changing the battery on your phone, but when it comes to your toughest jobs, this should be just right. Call or email us today and see for yourself!

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