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McCloskey Trommel Screener

When you are looking for a McCloskey topsoil screener for sale, you will quickly find out that you have a broad range of options. One size does definitely not fit all when considering the purchase of a trommel screen for sale. If you have prior topsoil screener rental experience, you already know that bringing the right machine for the job to a site makes a huge difference with respect to space usage and operating costs. How does this type of machine support your operations? What are your options?

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Understanding the Mechanics of a

McCloskey Trommel Screen for Sale

In simplest terms, the screen consists of a cylinder drum that causes material passing through it to separate particles small enough to fall through the screen from those that are too large and continue on to the conveyor. Several factors control screening efficiency. If you have tried out various models and manufacturers during your topsoil screener rental days, you already know that some brands are simply superior to others when it comes to the efficiency of the screening process. The McCloskey topsoil screener for sale stands out because of functionality as well as adaptability to your needs.

Who Uses This Machinery?

A topsoil screener rental is of great interest to companies starting out in the mineral processing and landscape supply industries. Until you are certain that your business is viable, the idea of looking for a topsoil screener for sale is a daunting proposition. That said, the purchase of a machine makes sense when you are confident in your company’s competitive edge and a rental outfit can no longer meet your needs for machine availability on a consistent basis. Whether you are in the mining field or doing business in waste management, when you are ready to investigate the purchase of a machine, you simply cannot go wrong with a McCloskey. Which trommel screen for sale is right for you?

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

Understanding the Model Options

Investigating a McCloskey trommel screen for sale brings you face to face with ten different models. Each topsoil screener for sale has its advantages and suits specific needs.

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

512 A. This model is ideal for a small to mid-size operation in the landscaping and contracting trades. It is a common machine on the topsoil screener rental market. The extended conveyor allows for speed and load manipulation. In the strictest sense, the 512 A presents with a fifth wheel connection and has a transport length of 39 feet and six inches. If you select the 512 AP instead, the trommel screen for sale actually features a pintle connection with a transport length of 42 feet and two inches. Both models feature a 100 HP engine.

512 R. A radial conveyor sets apart this model from others. This topsoil screener for sale offers the advantage of a 180-degree conveyor swing with variability of discharge heights. At the job site, this flexibility is an invaluable function. At the same time, the feed hopper has a nine-foot, six-inch load height, which makes it easy to use in a multitude of crowded settings. The transport length is 47 feet and 10.5 inches.

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

512 R-T. If you are familiar with the model 512 R-T because of a prior topsoil screener rental, you know that this machine allows the move from landscape and contracting usage to recycling functionality. The transport length is slightly shorter than the 512 R.

512 RET. This trommel screen for sale is an engineering feat because it leverages McCloskey’s design experience specifically for the composting and waste management industries. That said, the machine still represents an excellent value for excavation professionals and landscape suppliers. The stockpile height is 11 feet and eight inches, which points to a larger job site. The transport length is surprisingly short at only 35 feet and 1.5 inches.

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

516 AT. The already famous screening functionality of this topsoil screener for sale receives a boost by the combination of the 16-foot drum with a folding end conveyor. The mobility and adaptability of this machine to smaller spaces have made it a great contender in the topsoil screener rental market as well as in the trommel screen for sale ads where oversized materials come into play.

516 R-T. Select this topsoil screener for sale when fine materials are part of the particles being screened out. A lengthier processing time in the drum ensures enhanced screening functionality. If you are working with large materials, consider the add-on of a grizzly screen, which offers spacings between 50 mm and 20 mm. You have probably run across a grizzly screen during your last topsoil screener rental.

516 RE. What sets apart this trommel screen for sale is the availability of a 30-inch-wide conveyor with adjustable speeds. Create stockpile heights of 15 feet and 1.5 inches. Three screen sections make this an adaptable topsoil screener for sale that handles sand as well as wood chips with ease.

621 RE. If you have ever chosen this model as your topsoil screener rental, you know that finding this trommel screen for sale is a great deal for heavy-duty usage. The oversized conveyor with a 36-inch width is the first thing you notice. Adjustable brushes make this topsoil screener for sale functional for waste recycling as well as construction and demolition processes. When you used the 621 RE during your topsoil screener rental, you probably appreciated the adjustable and adaptable functions that make the machine stand out.

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

628 RE. Take the heavy-duty construction of the last trommel screen for sale and increase it. The resulting topsoil screener for sale is the 628 RE. It presents with a screen measuring six feet in diameter and a drum measuring 28 feet in length. The engine presents with a respectable 174 HP. The stockpile height is 15 feet and five inches. The transport length is 64 feet and nine inches.

733 RE. Even if you have never investigated the McCloskey 733 RE for a topsoil screener rental, consider it now for a purchase. This machine presents with a 225 HP engine. McCloskey confidently describes it at the “world’s highest capacity mobile trommel.” At a length of 33 feet, the drum provides a screening surface that ensures high efficiency. The stockpile height reaches 16 feet and two inches. Your transportation length for this model is 69 feet and four inches.

Work with our experts to discover which model is the right one for your operation today.

topsoil screener for sale | trommel screen for sale | topsoil screener rental

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