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Equipment Appraisal

Equipment Appraisal |Equipment Valuations
When you need an equipment appraisal, it makes sense to deal with an experienced appraiser who specializes in heavy machinery and its technical applications. This practice refers not only to understanding the current book value of a piece of machinery, but also includes forward-looking equipment valuations that present you with an accurate detailing of the useful time left on the mechanism.
Equipment Appraisal
Equipment Appraisal
Equipment Appraisal
Who needs a Professional Equipment Appraisal?

Many instances could call for an appraisal

Equipment Buying. An accurate equipment appraisal makes it possible to prevent overspending. Moreover, it gives you a proper understanding of what a specific machinery item should cost in the current market conditions.

Equipment Selling. Whether you inherited heavy machinery, are shutting down a company, or simply want to upgrade what you have to grow the firm, you can transform the items you have into cash. However, for many first-time sellers, pricing machinery is a stab in the dark. They know how much they want, but will the market bear it? An expert equipment appraisal answers this question. Besides that, it can help you with positioning your products effectively for quick sale.

Insurance Recovery. When insuring heavy equipment or making a claim, it is critical to present the adjuster with the details of the machinery. For example, did you know that the age of the item does not matter as much as the usage hours it has? Therefore, even older machines can lead to higher insurance recovery checks when you can make an adequate case for the product's value.

Business Sales. Are you dissolving a partnership and need to split up the assets? Maybe you are buying out a partner and want to spend a realistic amount of money on the assets you need to continue working. For others, an equipment appraisal helps justify selling a business complete with consumer base and machinery assets. Having an expert in the field enables you to understand what your assets are worth, which makes it instrumental for making the right pricing decision.

Estate Attorneys. You work with a client who has inherited a business. Assets include heavy machinery. How do you value the individual pieces? With the assistance of an expert, you can help the client.
Tax consultants. Another demographic we serve are the tax professionals. Whether your client is being audited or wants to get in front of a tax obligation, get the appraisal you need to protect their interests.

Financing Options. Are you backing a bank loan application with machinery as collateral? An exact equipment appraisal could make the difference between getting the loans you need right now and not having sufficient assets that satisfy the underwriters.

Equipment Valuations

In-depth Equipment Valuations Begin with
a Specialized Equipment Appraisal
Equipment Valuations
Equipment Valuations
Valuations focus on the equipment's asset worth as it is integrated into your company's day-to-day operations. Concurrently, they provide a snapshot of the company's value because of the machinery that is part of its asset list. However, this is not a project you can assign to just anyone.

Accurate equipment valuations demand the attention
of a seasoned equipment appraisal specialist who understands the intricacies and functionality of different machines. Moreover, this expert must look beyond the outward appearance of the heavy equipment.
For example, how much does it cost to install the machine at a job site?
​​​​​​​This expense is part of an in-depth valuation that leverages operating costs and equipment expenses by juxtaposing them with the perceived value of a project. As a result, you need someone who has spent a fair amount of hands-on time examining machines, observing their operations, and visiting a wide variety of job sites where the equipment is in use.

Entrusting equipment valuations to a firm with only book knowledge could be detrimental to your company. For starters, it might rob you of the actual value that a specific line of heavy equipment brings to your job site. Secondly, there is the possibility that the book value of a product is far higher than its actual worth based on machine hours. This understanding could lead you to overpay unless you have an experienced equipment appraiser at your side.
Equipment Valuations
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Intricacies of Correct Valuations

Appraisals typically begin with a cost approach. If you had to replace the equipment today with an identical model, how much would it be? Next, there is the consideration of how much you would be willing to pay for a piece of machinery in the class of equipment you are having appraised. Also, there is a discussion of depreciation, which includes the need for repairs and the number of machine hours the unit brings to the table.

From there, an experienced professional will seek out comparable sales in the primary and secondary markets. There, the valuation will take into consideration whether an item is sold at auction or through a third party. Due to the significant price disparity of the secondary market, the expert will also factor in adjustments for transportation, assembly, and storage fees.

In some cases, you may not want an appraisal to be based on the replacement cost. Instead, you want to know if a trade of unequal asset classes should be undertaken. This is a tricky approach because it does not allow you to compare apples to apples. For example, you might consider the replacement cost of a new piece of equipment that you then compare to the forced liquidation value of machinery that falls into a different category.

Would it make sense for you to undergo this type of trade? While the actual cash value will offer some insight into the transaction's merit, it might be a better option to look at the fair market value in use. Because this can be markedly different from the historical cost, remember to consult with a specialist who can help you make sense of the numbers.

On the other side of the equation are the clients who want to begin their appraisal and valuation process with a sales comparison approach. Rather than working immediately with a cost model, you might feel more comfortable with honing in on the depreciation of the equipment. A simple ownership discount can make the difference between buying a functional piece of used equipment at a top dollar and getting a great deal on a new listing instead.

Capitalize on the Extensive Experience of an Authority in the Field of Heavy Machinery
Appraisals and Valuations

Work with someone who knows a PF5510 Blaw Knox paver from a PF161 model. When you are thinking of parting with your classic construction equipment, you expect to get top dollar for a 1943 Caterpillar dozer. Similarly, you want to sell your 2007 Hooklift truck for the maximum that the market will bear – preferably six figures.

It makes sense that this level of expertise only comes from handling transactions that involve asphalt equipment, attachments, agricultural equipment, and concrete machinery. Once you find the specialist who can weigh in on drill rigs with the same expertise as he can bring to a valuation of log skidders, you know that you have found the expert for your firm.

This is someone who can assist you today while looking at Mack brand trucks and tomorrow when considering Ingersoll Rand equipment. Not a one-trick-pony, this specialist will advise you on purchases, offer insights into positioning your asset inventory for maximum buying power, and highlight excellent buying and selling opportunities for any type of marine or dry-land equipment.

Equipment Appraisal
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