Leaf Chain Scale Model 92021

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 Lift Truck Sensory Chain Scale | wireless and hardwire

The WP92021
Chain Sensed System
gets its name from the
mechanics of the scale

The chain sensor is integrated
into the lift chain itself making the
Leaf Chain style lift truck scale
safe, rugged and accurate

Since each unit is custom-fit
based on the model you own
it maintains weight safety limits
while it boosts productivity
thanks to its accuracy

It saves time by eliminating the
need for trips to a floor scale and
also saves maintenance time and
costs because the scale doesn't
need to removal when not in use

 Because it can be installed
from a complete kit and serviced
just as easily by a mechanic
down-time is minimized

The leaf chain system is guaranteed
accurate to the greater of 98-99% of
applied load or a max 15 pounds error

You'll also be glad that it easily
interfaces with printers/computers
and its processor ensures that it's
adaptable for piece counting


Weigh Point may be found in
a wide variety of settings:
scrap metal
materials handling
logistics applications

Their scales are designed and built
for versatility and durability, and the
company will advise if you have an
application that requires special attention


For mission critical applications
Weigh Point Scales can be
purchased or retrofitted as
Intrinsic Safety (IS) versions
suitable for use in
hazardous environments

In addition
certified versions of all
Weigh Point Systems are available

Weigh Point has designed and built
stationary weigh systems since 1978

Three decades later those weight sensing kits
introduced for tanks and feed hoppers
are still in use and the line has only
expanded in the years since


The WP92021 has a

5000 pound lift weight class.

We sell additional models capable

up to over 20,000 lbs weight class

Call for Specific pricing

Wire and Wireless Models are availble

add $300.00 to price for wireless

These can also be used on

Trucks with ckamp accessories

The company backs its products
beyond the warranty
from the initial consultation
through to technical assistance

Call us today to find out more about
WeighPoint and the WP92021

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2013 Brand New
Weight Class:
up to 5000 pounds
Bigger weight class models available
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