Load Checker Fork Lift Scale Model WP92022

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 Check Weight Loads with your lift truck | high capacity sensing module

This Weigh Point
Model WP92022
Load Checker
Fork Lift Scale
is something you won’t
see every day here at

Rather than featuring a
great piece of used
construction equipment
we're recommending a
phenomenally useful piece
of new equipment
just for a change of pace

The WP92022
installs easily mounting directly
 to the cylinder without requiring
modifications to the machine
and without interfering with
machine performance or
operator visibility

 It couldn't be easier to use
since you're lifting and weighing
at the same time

The sensor monitors pressure
at the lifting cylinder which is
fed back to the
microprocessor-based digital display
eliminating hydraulic spikes and drifting

It's also safe
giving off no corrosive gas
and no strong EMI in the field

As an added bonus
it's more stable than typical
hydraulic weigh systems
while also being 99% accurate
under a full load


 Weigh Point Scales
are designed and built for
versatility and durability

Their scales have found use
in a wide variety of settings:
scrap metal
materials handling
logistics applications

Certified versions are also available
for mission critical applications and
Legal For Trade

All Weigh Point Scales can be
purchased or retrofitted as
Intrinsic Safety (IS) solutions
for use in hazardous applications


IS weigh systems are

designed to ensure

lower levels of thermal and
electrical energy in the system
preventing ignition of inflammable
liquids and vapors in your workspace


Weigh Point originated as
a designer and builder of
stationary weigh systems

The weight sensing kits
they introduced in 1978
for tanks and feed hoppers
are still in use three decades later

The line has only expanded
in the years since

The company has also introduced
a series of mobile weigh systems
that increase productivity by
keeping you moving

In addition to the WP92022
these mobile scales are
available for:
hand pallet jacks
electric walkies
wheel loaders

The company backs its products
beyond the warranty from the
initial consultation through to
 technical assistance

Call us today to find out more
about Weigh Point and the
WP92022 Scale today

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2013 Brand New
Digital Accuracy:
Eliminates hydraulic spikes and drifting
Easy Install:
Attaches to cylinder
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Jay Trevorrow
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